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:bulletgreen: ★ Hello, and welcome to LupisVerse! ★ :bulletgreen:

This is our small fan group for Iethargicasino, aka Lupisvulpes/Merritferret! Whatever you may know them as.

We love designs and art by Lupis, as well as fan Darkky designs! Feel free to share your fan art for them, Darkky design adopts, just your art, OR your trade journals! It is all welcome!!


- No sexual or not safe for work content please.
-Gore and violence needs to be kept
to a minimum and have a warning on it!
(both in the title and using the feature within deviantART)
- Spamming the page will result in you being blocked.
- Rude comments towards the mods
will also result in you being blocked.
- We are very welcoming to the Trans and Gay communities despite what some people may think! Please respect that.
(more tba)

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Our main members run;
:bulletblue: Main Lupisvulpes wiki

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario In addition to;
:bulletpurple: The fan Darkky wiki
Exclamation by Drawn-Mario You are allowed to add a page
about your Darkky to this wiki!

Arrow left by Drawn-Mario Talk with other members in our chatroom!
:bulletred: lupisverselivechat
Discord Chat: lupisverselivechat


Our Icon artist is Zifreeper
Our mascot designer is spaceCanine
Our page designer is baconpandas
Our Name creator is HollywoodMayhem

**These little pixels are all fan or canon Darkky designs! If you would like yours added just comment on the page, it's free!

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I am not sure what folder this goes in folde
To make this group more interactive and not just an LV design trade group we are going to start doing a monthly design/ art trade event!

How will this event work?
 - You will comment and get a number.
 - Later I will randomly pair you guys/ girls up
 - You guys talk it out, and pick if you want to do a design trade or art trade of your LV designed or Darkky characters!

These art pieces must be turned in by the end of the month at the latest in order to join next month's event.
 -If you don't finish your piece you will be banned from next month's TRADE BUT you will be able to join the next time.
 -If you FAIL to finish your piece two times in a row if without contacting your trade buddy to say you will be late, you will NO LONGER BE ALLOWED TO JOIN!

YES we have asked Oricori if we could do a design for design Darkky design trades as part of this group event!
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Mycaruba ~Cake
Welcome Nerds ~ Stars
Hullo >u< ~Holly
Heyo Spagghetti-o's ~Deamon









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Stars-made-of-Metal Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
*rises hand* I would love one!
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If your still doing the fan darkky pixels on the page could i get one on there of Car darkky?…
Stars-made-of-Metal Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I am sorry I have been really unmotivated to do pixels.
Cinnmandias Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2017  Student General Artist
that's fine!
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there should be a discord server for this : P
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Oh wow. Lupisvulpes has gotten big! She even has her own DA group now? Very nice.
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